Welcome to my (new) blog. Via Digitalis actually started in 2003. I continuously maintained it for a couple of years. Then abandoned it. And rebuild it. It was hacked and destroyed several times. Our digital lives are fragmented, scattered around servers and hard drives, a draft text here, an old jpg. there, and lots of dead links. A very few of the old posts I stumbled upon when cleaning up my hard drives, I reposted. But I got tired of it. But I kept my blog’s name. In the Roman empire, cities were built around Via Principalis and Via Cardinalis. Much later, in America, they became Main Street and Broadway, always intersecting somewhere. Via Digitalis is the main thoroughfare of our connected world. It zigzags.

Randomness and serendipity are major qualities of our online lives. It all started with the hypertext, when the hyperlinked page forever broke the notion of a common text; one would click on one link and someone else on another. We very much live with this condition today. I happen to enjoy it because I derive enormous pleasure in being surprised. As a matter of fact, it brings me more than pleasure. This is how I learn, acquire information and knowledge all the while keeping an  » open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out  » as Richard Feynman advises us. So, you will find here a few musings collected during my cyberspace untethered walks. I hope you will enjoy them.

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